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Sudhir Mishra Is Not Making A Bio-Pic On Renu Saluja

Sudhir Mishra:

Renu Saluja who died tragically young, was not only one of  the finest  editors of  Indian cinema, she  was  also an extremely hindered  spirit who happened to be married to director Sudhir Mishra when her premature end came.

 To hear that Sudhir Mishra was making a film on Renu Suluja’s life was of great interest to all the fans  of  serious cinema.

However the  news is not entirely true.

Explains Sudhir, “No, I am  not  making a  bio-pic on Renu’s life. That would be too  much information and experience  to accommodate  on one  film.What I am doing is something more manageable. I am taking one very important incident that happened in Renu’s life  towards  the end, and  making a film based on that incident. While focusing  on that incident I  hope to bring  out various aspects  of her life.”

While Aditi Rao will play Renu Saluja, Sudhir  has not decided on who  will play him.

“But it won’t be  me. I won’t act  and  direct. It won’t be a star.Because a star will be consciously ACTING  the part of my character. It will be an actor , someone who can play me without the baggage of stardom,” promises Sudhir.

 He  begins shooting for  the  Renu Saluja film in November.

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