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Suhana Khan Not Making Her Debut Anytime Soon



There are growing whispers of Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter Suhana’s Bollywood debut soon.

It is being said that Suhana is all set to be launched into a large-screen appearance within a year by Karan Johar.

However a source very close to Karan Johar totally debunks this rumour.

“Suhana’s suhana safar will start in good time. Right now neither Shah and (wife) Gauri nor Karan Johar feel it to be the right time for Suahana’s launch. Her Dad has explained to her how important it is for her to get the right training before she embarks on a film career. She is doing theatre, learning the ropes…More than her Dad, Suhana is keen on getting her feet into the mud to experience life before embracing the camera,” says the source close to Karan Johar.

So would Karan Johar launch Suhana?

“Of course he’d love to. But nothing is decided as yet. Suhana may be launched by someone other than Karan if something exciting enough comes up,”says the source.

As for Shah Rukh’s son Aryan, “No plans for an acting career at all.”

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