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Sujoy Ghosh  Big Dilemma



For filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh, the Big B is as essential to his cinema as  the air he breathes.

But Kahaani 2 which opens next month doesn’t seem to have room for the Big B.

Kya karoon? I  cannot think of making a film without Sir(Mr Bcahchan). When I directed  Alladin Sir starred  in it. He sang Ekle chalo re for my Kahaani.He  starred in Te3n which I produced. He is not  in the cast of Kahaani2. But I’ve to find a way of including him in my film. Otherwise it doesn’t seem complete.”

Sujoy feels  it is important to ensure  the Big B is not misused in cinema.  “I know he loves me  so much that he’d do anything I ask him to in Kahaani 2. Which is exactly why I need to make sure I don’t compromise  him in any way.”

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