Sultan Director Not Worried About Boxoffice Expectations


Ali Abbas Zafar  admits Sultan is not the usual sort of Eid presentation for Salman’s fans. “Salman isn’t Salmanin Sultan. He transforms into the wrestler. The film is not about wrestling.That’s just the backdrop. It’s about this one man’s rise, fall and then his rise again.”

Ali says the 2 hour 50 minute length sits lightly on the storytelling. “Not for a minute would the audience feel it is watching a lengthy film. This is how long it takes to tell Sultan’s story. Audiences will sit patiently watching  the saga without getting distracted .Yeh mera vada hai.”

Producer Aditya Chopra has zeroed in on Wednesday July 6 as the release day for Sultan the big Salman KhanEid release. The film is now being prepared for a 5-day holiday weekend.

Director Ali Abbas Zafar who is putting finishing touches to the product warns Sultan is not the “typical SalmanKhan Eid presentation.”

India’s biggest film studio Yash Raj Films has ventured into something as indigenous and down-to-earth—literally!—as wrestling in Sultan. Ali who considers Yash Raj his home territory.

“I’ve no contract with Yash Raj Aditya Chopra. I’ve done three films with his production house because  I feel comfortable working with him. Adi is not only a fabulous producer he is also one of the finest directors of the country. He understands both the business and the art of cinema completely,” says Ali who has three stories in mind as his next film.

“Right now my entire focus is on Sultan. Salman’s fans and the film trade are already putting massive boxofficenumbers  on our film. Does it put a burden on me? Not really. I know how all of us have worked to make the film what it is. The numbers are not going to change our level of dedication to the project.”

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