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Sunil Grover Refuses To Appear On Kapil’s Sharma’s Show



Comedian Sunil Grover is not one to forgive easily. Those who know him(including yours truly) knowing him as a touchy man prone to carry grudges in his heart till the end of time.

Hence it came as no surprise to know that Grover has still not gotten over his infamous midair collision with Kapil Sharma in March 2017.The two had an open fight during a flight from Australia to India. Thereafter Kapil made any attempts make amends .But to no avail.

Kapil had said to me, “What can I do? I did try to reach out to him. Sunil is like my brother. Kabhi kabhi ho jata hai(these things happen). But he is not responding.”

It looks like Grover is still in the unforgiving mood. Last week he was meant to show up on Kapil Sharma’s show as part of the team of Bharat to promote the film. Grover opted out.

“He told Salman and director Ali Abbas Zafar he won’t be comfortable on the show. They completely understood .They conveyed Grover’s reservations to the channel. He was excused from being part of the entourage representing Bharat on Kapil’s show,” says a source.

While Kapil remained unavailable for comment on this snub a very close friend of Kapil responded, “Yeh bachpana hai(this is childishness). How long can you go on carrying a grudge like a sharp knife in your pocket?”

It is significant that all of Sunil Grover’s efforts to establish a career independent of Kapil Sharma has proven futile for the stand-up comedian. In the movies the best he could do was to play Salman Khan’s “friend”(read: sidekick). A more substantial role in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Patakha proved a resounding flop.

Shouldn’t Sunil Grover let bygones be bygones and team up with Kapil Sharma again ?

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