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“Sunil Grover Wanted To  Cut All The Scenes With Dawood’s Controversial Dialogues”

The undercurrents of tension between comic actor Sunil Grover and  Vishal Mishra the producer-director of  Coffee With D has now reached a flashpoint with Grover claiming he has not been allowed to see the film.

To this, Mishra counters, “Why should I let Sunil Grover see the film when he wanted to personally edit out all the scenes with Dawood Ibrahim’s controversial dialogues?”

Mishra claims Grover was cowed down after receiving threatens from the underworld. “He was instructed to eliminate those dialogues about Dawood, or else he would be faced with another kind of elimination.He wanted to personally edit out all the scenes that  are the crux  of the film.”

Mishra says he would rather brave underworld threats than remove the crucial scenes. “I cannot reduce my film to an ineffectual condition just to appease threatening elements. Sunil Grover can afford to mess with the film. I can’t.It’s my baby.”



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