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Sunny Days For The BJP, and Arnab Too



Arnab  Goswami has made  Sunny Leone more popular than she  actually is.Which  is  a  very hard thing to  do.Considering she  has million of followers  on  Twitter and is considered one  of  the  most  ‘searched’  celebrities  from India(what people ‘search’ for  when they click ‘Sunny Leone’ is another matter).

She also apparently  has  a fleet of  drooling Indian  journalists  waiting to  interview her. So her  husband Daniel told me,  and also advised me  to  wait patiently as everyone who was waiting is ‘the same’(meaning, equal).

 Right, and some are  more equal than  others.Who  would  know this better than Sunny Leone who  fought  off her immense reputation as  porn star to become a known name in  Bollywood.

These days she doesn’t  like talking about her past.Earlier she  spoke  freely about her  husband’s booming porn business and  her participation in  it. Now when you mention it, she accuses  you being “stuck in the past when the world has moved  on” . I quite understand her  state of denial .She has three children to be answerable  to.

Ms Leone recently disowned a  very well made-honest  documentary Mostly Sunny   on  her journey  from porn toBollywood directed  by Dilip Mehta. On the  other hand she is gung-ho about  a mediocre web series  on  her  life .

She also has  anchors on  television reciting her name on television almost  reflexively: say  ‘Sunny’ and ‘Leone’ follows.  That’s  the difference between the young and Deol.

 Hence when Arnab Goswami, intoxicated by the  thought of  his  favourite party coming back to power, inadvertently referred  to ‘Sunny Leone’ leading in Gurdaspur she  retorted,  “By how many votes?” Wink wink.

While we  must applaud Ms Leone and  her  very clever husband for their  presence of mind, I must admit that the day when Deol and Leone, the two most famous Sunnys of Indian showbiz(with due respects  to Sunny Singh, SunnyNijjar) , would be sharing the  lokmanch together.

 Why  not? Why not  Sunny Leone in  politics? She has  all the qualifications. She is a rags-to-riches story. At least she  claims she went  into porn for financial reasons(other job options were not open to her, apparently). She  is  a woman  who has come up the hard way(playing the gender card always helps).She has  more fans on the internet than Sunny Deol can dream of.And she has a  perfect guide, adviser  and  desiger in her husband  .

Oh yes ,and her career in Bollywood seems  to have reached a dead end.She is as ready to move on as Sunny Deol,Urmil Matondkar and  Ravi Kissan.

In other words Me Leone is all set.All we  need  to do is check her passport to see  if she’s an Indian and Canadian citizen.The latter is not such a disqualification for  active participation in Indian politics. Akshay would agree.

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