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Sunny Deol Had Nothing To Do With Revision In Movie Theatre Policy



Sunny Deol

 A  story  doing the  rounds credits Sunny Deol with upturning the Government’s post-Covid  policy of allowing only 50 percent of the  total seats in movie theatres  to be filled.  According to these  stories, if the Government has decided to allow a full 100 percent theatre attendance it is   because  of Sunny Deol’s  efforts.

However sources  close to the Government deny Deol’s dedh kilo ka haath in this  matter.

“It was  a decision based entirely  on the economic reality, also the number of Covid cases have been  going down, and  the  movie business needs  help,” the source says.

However  the film industry is far  from thrilled by this revision in the seating capacity.

Ek toh pehle hi  50 percent  audience  nahin aa rahi tthi. Abb jo bhi aa rahi tthi who bhi nahin aayegi bagal wale seat ke darr se(we were not getting  50 percent audience. Now whatever little movie  attendance we were getting would be lost in the fear of who’s sitting next to you),” says a  leading  producer  who didn’t want to be  quoted.

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