Sunny Leone Denies Saying No To Kissing

A report  in a section of the media claims that Sunny Leone has placed a no-kissing clause in her film contracts.But when contacted Sunny completely denied any such self-censorship on  her on-screen activities.

Says Sunny, “This is not true in any form. I am not sure who made this lie up.”

A quick check on the rumour reveals that the actress is not only open to kissing but also to physical intimacy as long as it is aesthetically done.

Sunny Leone
Sunny Leone

One of her directors who doesn’t wish to be named says, “Sunny is one of the most sporting actresses I’ve worked. She is also very careful and clear about how far she wants to go. In my film she had a love-making scene with the male lead. She found it embarrassing to make torrid love with a stranger on camera .We had to ask her husband Daniel to act as the hero’s body-double for the love-making scene.”

As for kissing, Sunny has not said no to it. But she won’t do a lip-lock just for the heck of it.

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