“When Sunny Leone Didn’t Mind Why Is Everyone Getting So Uptight?”

It looks  like Ram Gopal Varma has deliberately and knowingly raised an uproar once again with his  Women’s Day tweet which said , “I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives.”

Now Ramu has a number of police complaints lodged against. OneMLA from  Maharashtra Dr Jeetendra Awhad  has threatened to take the law into his own hands by landing up at Ramu’s doorstep .

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Ramu remains calm and is enjoying every bit of the furore. “I gave the MLA my address. Now I am waiting for him to arrive and teach me a lesson.Funnily enough the tweet  offended so many holier-than-thou elements. But it didn’t offend Sunny Leone at all. The same thing had happened when I had tweeted supposedly objectionable stuff on Mr Bachchan. The man did not say a word, but people on twitter though it was blasphemy . Let me remind them  that was between MrBachchan and me. This concerns Sunny Leone and me, no one  else. For all those who chose to get offended on her behalf. I’ve just one thing to say: too bad. Blasphemy is  not against the law.”

Ramu admits he enjoys ruffling feathers and shaking up the status quo. “The most severe reactions came when I tweeted about LordGanpati. There were people issuing death threats against me. I wasn’t scared then. I am not scared now. I do this for fun. I have a thick skin and a sense of humour. The touchy twitter types should cultivate both.You need it to survive in today’s day and age.”

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