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Sunny Leone On Her  One-Night Stand  With Tanuj Virwani



You’ve a major film as a leading lady One Night Stand coming up. How important is it for you?

This film is in a different space then the other films I have released. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction to this type of content. I worked hard on trying to act well on this one and I hope it shows.

The poster was unusual in that it focused on your very evocative face rather than your physicality. Is this a sign of the changing attitude to ‘Sunny Leone’ on Bollywood .

The poster was created by my producer and director. This is the direction they want to head and I am happy for that. This film is about a “one night stand” but the film really begins after and focuses on how that one night changed their lives.

In One night Stand Tanuj Virwani plays  a guy obsessed with you. Do you get many of that in real life?

No I do not, at least not in person, thank goodness(laughs).

There were reports of a journalist asking you an inappropriate question and getting slapped by you. How do you react to such stories about you?

Well people make up stories all the time but I am more surprised that the tabloid which wrote this didn’t decide to fact check. They have Daniel’s number on speed dial. I’m am really disappointed in them. Lies are not news worthy and that story definitely was not news worthy.

Besides the song with SRK in Raees and One Night Stand, what are your other major career happening this year?

I launch “Lust by Sunny Leone ” my perfume line. Female and male scents with deos. I’ll be launching another perfume line very shortly along with cosmetics. I’ll be hosting Splitsvilla again this year. I have one more film release Beimaan Love. My online  casino  is still going…and more to be announced. So lots of excitement ahead.

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