Sunny Leone Won’t Return To Bengaluru


Karnataka’s snub has not gone down well with Sunny Leone. The erotic dancer- actress and now mother of a 2-year  old adopted girl Nisha, headed for London to do a show during Christmas leaving behind her disappointed fans in Bengaluru who were so  looking forward  to her gig.

Says  an  informed source, “Sunny performed  in London  for Christmas, then headed to Cape  Town to join her  husband Daniel and baby-girl Misha for  New Years.  Though she  is  not making any  statements on the  whole Bengaluru issue Sunny is quite apparently hurt that sections of  the nation’s  politicians think she’s  a  threat to the Indian morality.”

 Sources say Sunny doesn’t intend to  return to Karnataka in a  hurry. “She’s done with being damned for her past. She isn’t ashamed  of  being part of adult content .She isn’t disowning her past. But that’s done with. She won’t speak about her past nor let it ruin her present or future. Sunny and Daniel’s primary focus  is  now their daughter. Nisha’s  present and  future won’t be coloured by her mother’s past.”

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