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Super 30 Being Given Some Super Changes



 The  biopic on  Bihar’s world-renowned  mathematician  just got bigger. The producers have decided  to hold  the  film back to give  it a  more definitive and comprehensive  look and a more  complete  overview  of  the  protagonist’s  life story.

Says a source close to the  producer, “They are likely to shoot further, add incidents to the Anand Kumar saga  that were not used earlier.  Anand Kumar  is not just a great mathematician .There are  many  sides  to his personality that were  not fully explored in the  bio-pic. They are now looking at  expanding the bandwidth  of  the  bio-pic.”

Anand Kumar says he’s all for the expansion  of  the plot. “Many things  have happened. I  was attacked  from many  side . Recently my brother  suffered  a road accident which  I suspect to be a deliberate attempt  on his life. I  have many  enemies, as  all successful people do. But I have  many more well-wishers than  ill-wishers.  I  want  all  of this to be there in the  film.”

Hrithik Roshan is  also agreeable to the enhancement in  the  bio-pic.

One thing is  for sure. This  won’t be  just another namby-pamby bio-pic exercise in glorification .

Says Anand, “People  will get to see the real Anand Kumar  in Super  30. Hrithik  has not just played me.  He has understood my lifelong  mission to provide learning to underprivileged  students.”

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