Sushant On Playing  Paraolympic Winner Murlikant Petkar

After Dhoni it ‘s another sports bio-pic for Sushant.

The enormously dedicated actor Sushant Singh Rajput who lost precious time preparing for Paani,a project that never took off, is back doing several films .

Says Sushant, “Yes, I did give a lot of time in preparing for Paani. But no regrets. During that time I couldn’t sign any new films. But now I am working on four new projects including Dinesh Vijeyan’s Rabtaa, Homi Adjania’s Takdum and India’s first space film Chanda Mama Dur Ke.”

After playing cricketer M S Dhoni it is another real-life character for Sushant in an untitled film based on the life of the physically disabled  armyman turned sportsperson Murlikant Petkar who won a Gold Medal at the Commonwealth Games in 1970 and at the Paralympics in Germany in 1972.

Sushant says he was immediately attracted to Petkar’s story. “The minute I heard his story I was on. I wanted to do it without a second thought. What an inspiring story!After playingDhoni I’m looking forward to playing Petkar who never allowed his physical hurdles to stand in the way of his dreams. I like playing characters who dream big.”

About the sudden flurry of activity in his career Sushant admits, “For nine months I signed nothing new as I was preparing for Shekhar Kapoor’s Paani.And so what if the movie didn’t get made? The discussions and conversations I had with Shekhar  for nine months were invaluable. I cherish every minute I spent with him.I finally didn’t do the film. But I consider myself lucky to be able to spend so much time with him.Every minute was a learning experience.”

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