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Sushant Singh Rajput & MS Dhoni Continue To Be Friends

Sushant Singh Rajput is basking in the spectacular success of Dhoni
The method actor who is known to go into intense preparation for all his characters studied dozens of Dhoni’s videos , spent many sessions stretching into numerous hours with the cricketing legend before playing him.
“I can confidently say I know Dhoni in and out. We  continue to be friends .I  may leave a role behind the day I finish the last day’s shooting . But the relationships forged along the way remain with me. I have mastered his physicality as well as gotten to know his thought processes as thoroughly as he allowed me to. I was always his fan. Now I hope I can claim to be a friend.”
Sushant observed, absorbed and  assumed as much of Dhoni’s personality traits, including the way he held the bat and the mole under his right eye, without mimicking the cricketer.’
“I wouldn’t say Dhoni and I  socialized together.He doesn’t party. Neither do I. But I got to spend a  lot of time with.And I value every moment that I got to spend with him, just as much as I value the time spent with Shekhar Kapoor while we prepared for Paani,” says Sushant earnestly, adding that he resents the fact that the electronic media wants to focus on his personal relationship rather than his work. 
“When I went out to promote Dhoni I told my team I was okay with personal questions as long as they were within limits. In no time I realized my personal life  had completely overshadowed my work in the media. There would be headlines about my breakup and one paragraph about Dhoni. That’s when I put a stop to all personal questions.”

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