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Sushant Singh (With Or Without Rajput) Lashes Out At Twitter Trolling

Sushant Singh Rajput is no longer ‘Raput’ on twitter. He decided to drop his surname as a form of protest against the violence against one of  his favorite directors Sanjay Leela Bhansali who was attacked in Jaipur last week by members of the Rajput community.

Says Sushant, “I decided to drop ‘Rajput’ from my name to make my stance on this issue very clear.I want to say these self-proclaimed representatives of the community do not represent everyone with that surname. If they have a problem with something there are other ways to express it but definitely not violence and that too on a mere speculation .”

Sushant and Sanjay Bhansali  have been close from the time Sushant aspired to be in the movies. He had metSLB at the outset and the filmmaker had assured him he would keep him in mind for future roles.

And he did.SLB did offer Ram Leela to Sushant. But at that time Sushant was committed to Shekhar Kapoor’sPaani which ultimately never got made.

Today when SLB and his team are attacked Sushant takes the attack very personally. He is specially concerned about the way the social networks are used to settle personal and political scores.

Says Sushant, “It’s just not about on individual’s right to have his say. It’s a bigger issue. These paid trolls are used to shut voices across all sectors on digital platform. They may have a certain effect in shaping public opinion because people generally think that these platforms are a true representation of general consensus . But the truth is, the entire digital is mere 7 percent of what generally people think and talk about and then theseorganised but focussed groups are just a small part of it. People around must know this.”


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