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Sushant’s Death Probe Gets Murkier



Sushant’s Death Probe Gets Murkier 12

With question about semen stains being raised  in  the probe into Sushant Singh  Rajput’s death, the  issue has clearly veered into the distasteful  zone with supposedly responsible  politicians wondering why  the dead actor’s pyjama  had some many incriminating stains.

I wonder what  kind of a reply such questions merit. Would Sushant’s family  like to take that? Or maybe the family’s extremely vocal  lawyer would  like to take  it?

This writer has tried  reaching  out to  both,  without success.

  If Sushant is  looking at what has been to him in  his death and what they are doing  to his death, would he be  amused/alarmed/ mortified  , or a blend  of  all three? Isn’t  it time  Sushant’s  well-wishers and  fans let him  rest in peace? What  are  they trying to achieve by keeping the  probe into his death alive?

 Is  there any  dignity in talking about the semen stains on the dead actor’s pyjama? You couldn’t pin the death on  Sushant’s ex-girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty. Now whom would you like to  pin it to?

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