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Sushant’s Family Needs To Give A Lot Of Answers



 Nobody is  saying this  aloud for the fear  of being trolled savagely.  But the truth  is, a substantial  number  of people  in the  film industry are wondering how Sushant  Singh Rajput’s family was not aware  of his mental  condition.

The family has repeatedly accused  Sushant’s girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty of  administering the wrong medicines to him when in  fact  Sushant’s family was not  only  aware  of  his psychological struggles,they were  also aware  of  the medicines that were  being given to Sushant  for his  mental condition.

A whatsapp chat between  Sushant’s sister and  Sushant’s manager reveals that  a prescription   of  the medicines for  Sushant  for various serious mental  illnesses, was sent to  the sister.  If this is an authentic conversation, why is the  family repeatedly saying that they had no knowledge of  Sushant’s mental  conflicts  and that  all his problems, psychological and  financial  surfaced  only after Rhea came into Sushant’s life?

Why is the family so  wary   of taking responsibility  for  their only son’s  struggle with paranoia and isolation in his  final days?  Rhea  left Sushant when , apparently, she couldn’t handle his deteriorating  mental health. Wasn’t it right for  Sushant’s  family to rush and   salvage  the situation in Sushant’s life?

While Sushant was in  and out of hospitals   his father apparently sent a text  to Rhea asking for a air ticket so  he  could visit his son.

Does this  sound  like  a family where  the scion  is staring at  self-destruction? Does this family even acknowledge that their son was  in  the need  of serious care? Could  it be that   the narrative  of  a very popular very healthy  very  intelligent man who was honeytrapped  by a gold digger, not only makes great TRPs  but also serves as  great alibi  for those  who failed in their duty as family?

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