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Sussanne Roshan & Hrithik’s Family Stand By Hrithik In The Kangana Controversy

For better or for worse, Kangna Ranaut is becoming increasingly isolated in her conflict with Hrithik Roshan. The latest salvo that has gone against Kangana’s defence is Hrithik’s former wife Sussanne alleging that the photograph showing her husband ‘socializing’ with Kangana does not tell the truth.

It now comes to light that Sussanne’s entire family, her parents Sanjay and Zarine Khan,  her brother Zayed and her sisters are all in support of Hrithik in his hour of crisis.

Says a  source close to the Khan family, “Even after Hrithik’s separation from his wife, he has remained close to her family.Sanjay and Zarine treat Hrithik like a son and are deeply concerned about the current crisis.”

Sussanne Roshan & Hrithik’s Family Stand By Hrithik
Sussanne Roshan & Hrithik’s Family Stand By Hrithik

As for Sussanne when I contacted her to ask why she stepped forward in her former husband’s defence when she had kept quiet all along , this is what she had to say: “ When I saw the pic in a Mumbai supplement  thatKangana’s people had  put out claiming that was a ‘couple picture’, I instantly realized it was photo-shopped . I was dismayed by how much they are probably  trying to  make up stories to strengthen their case. Since I was there at the gathering where that picture was taken  that night, it was important for me to tell it like it was.”

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