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Swara Bhaskar Lashes Out At Kangana

 Sanjay Raut’s abusive response  to Kangana Ranaut’s  comparison of  Mumbai city to Pakistan Occupied  Kashmir  may have somewhat  diluted the damaging  impact  of Kangana’s  statement.

 Fact is, many of her colleagues contemporaries and seniors  continue to seethe at what  they see  as a  direct insult to a  city that has given life, hope and  happiness to millions.

Swara Bhaskar says  she  is shocked by Kangana’s  choice for comparison. “I have never been to PoK, so I don’t know what it feels like .But to call India’s most dynamic city, financial capital and a city that has changed the lives and destinies of so many people,including hers , to abuse that city and compare it to PoK because you want to create a headline is just petty, ungrateful and frankly ludicrous.”

  Swara rightly wonders  why such remarks acquire legitimacy in the Hindu Rashtra narrative. “ If a Muslim actor had made this comparison and said they feel unsafe we would have been baying for his or her blood.”

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