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Swara Bhaskar On Love Jihad & The Growing Intolerance



Swara Bhaskar

 The  tirade against   “love jihad ”   recently on  a prominent  news channels(where panelists  were  heard  asking that  cross-communal marriages be  forbidden by law)  provoked strong  protests  from the liberals.

Reacting to these  protests  Zomato has agreed  to “look into” its advertorial stakes  in the Republic TV channel.

 But activist-actress  Sawara Bhaskar says  she is not convinced by Zomato’s  liberal leniency. “I think that was just a standard response. I think what is more telling is the kind of trolling it generated from Right Wing  trolls and so-called fans  of  the particular  channel. We live in times when hate and lies have been normalized by the very people whose job is to report so-called facts.”

 Swara  accuses  mainstream new  of fanning and fuelling hatred. “The mainstream news media today has become the most unreliable and irresponsible source of rabble rousing. When they are called out and their hate and bullying is held accountable they respond with trolling and more hate. But this is the pushback to hate from normal rational citizens. We must hold the media and the government accountable as citizens and as taxpayers.”

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