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Swara Bhaskar To Do A Sequel To Anaarkali

Debutant director Avinash Das’ film Anaarakli Of Aarah has been widely acclaimed as one of the finest projections of female sexuality on celluloid in recent times. The film made on a minimal budget and featuring authentic locations, music and actors from North India has grabbed the attention of  Indian critics and audiences who have rightly labeled the film as  revolutionary.

Das is  thrilled and in two minds about carrying the story of the spirited erotic dancer further. “Like everyone else I too want to know what happens to Anaarkali life where our film ends. But I also have another story that I want to tell .”

Swara Bhaskar is delighted by the response to her film. “I am a little overwhelmed . Honestly, I didn’t expect such effusive praise. I feel very blessed.”



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