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Swara Bhaskara Caught Abusing A Child On Video



Swara Bhaskara

A past trespass, if one can it that, has surfaced to bite Swara Bhaskara from behind. In a  video, now going virulently viral  she is seen  using  Hindi abusive words  for a child  on a chat  show called  Son Of Abish.

The  child apparently referred  to  her as   ‘Aunty’ which did not go  down well with Swara.

While  Swara  remained unavailable for comment  a close friend of the actress defends her saying the language  used  against  the  child is  not  the language   generally  used  by the actress.

“I think  the  whole  episode was  meant to be  a joke. In bad taste, we agree. But  still a joke,”says  the friend.

However  the social media has  not responded kindly to the “joke”.

 Swara  is  being severely slammed  for abusing a  child , and that too  because the child innocently referred to her as a child.

A fierce advocate  of social justice Swara would find it very hard  to justify  her behaviour. Apparently the  National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has filed a complaint against Swara .

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