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Swara Bhaskara Spends Her Birthday With Kanhaiya Kumar In Bihar, Shabana Unable To Reach



The combustive strong-willed ball of fire Swara Bhaskara turned a year older on Tuesday April 9 and she found herself a unique way to make the day special.

Swara flew to Bihar to provide moral support to the CPI candidate, the controversial Kanhaiya Kumar as he filed his nominations papers for the Lok Sabha elections.

Swara flew into Patna from Mumbai on Tuesday morning after bringing in her birthday with boyfriend writer Himanshu Sharma. She then drove with Kanhaiya Kumar to his constituency Begusarai where Kanhaiya filed his nomination papers.

Speaking fron Begusarai, Sawara said, “Yes, I am here to support my friend Kanhaiya Kumar.”

Swara was escorted to Begusarai by police personnel to ensure she was safe.

Earlier during the week Kanhaiya Kumar’s brother Prince had told a section of the press that several actors including Javed Akhtar, ShabanaAzmi, Prakash Raj and Swara Bhaskara were expected to join Kanhaiya Kumar in Begusarai on April 9. However only Sawara finally showed up.

Shabana Azmi who opens supports Kanhaiya Kumar’s radical politics is in London for the screening of a documentary Kaifinama directed by Sumantra Ghosal.

I spoke to Shabana in London about Kahaiya Kumar and she said, “I would have loved to be by his side but can’t because I am in London . My message to Kanhaiya is this: fight the good fight ,Kanhaiya . In you and your young colleagues lies hope for a better tomorrow. Kaifi’s lament

“Koi tto sood chukaye Koi tto zimma ley Us inquilab ka jo aaj tak udhaar sa hai ,” amply applicable to you, Kanhaiya. Mujhe yaqeen hai woh sood aap chukaoge.”

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