Swara’s Controversial Self-Pleasuring Sequence Censored In The Gulf, “I Am Unsurprised,” Says Swara

Swara Bhaskar’s highly provocative sequence in Veere Di Wedding where she pleasures herself when her husband barges in, has been censored in all the Gulf countries as being immoral and salacious.

Apparently the sequence was highly disputed even among the members of the Indian censor board when the film was screened for certification.

Says a source from the CBFC, “Some board members wanted the entire sequence to be snipped out. Some other members of the CBFC felt that the sequence went too far. In fact it showed the actress(Swara Bhaskar) with a vibrator in her hand. The sequence was shortened even in India.”

About the controversial sequence getting axed in the Gulf Swara Bhaskar responded tersely, “I am unsurprised!”

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