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Taapsee Pannu On Being Sidelined By The Awards

Every year has its inexplicable omissions from the awards lists. This year also had its share of baffling oversights. Taapsee Pannu’s restrained and gripping performance in Pink went completely un-awarded.

Commenting on the omission Taapsee laughed, “My performance in Pink has gone unrecognized by all the awards functions this year. So let’s not point fingers at any one awards organizers. I am used to  being ignored for awards. My aim is become a favourite among the audiences.Awards are not as important as audiences’ approval of  the work I’m doing.”

Commenting in Pink being ignored in all the major categories   of the just-concluded Filmfare awards Tapsee says, “I think Pink has proved what it had to. No award can further endorse its message. If Pink is not given awards our achievement is not diminished in any way. The awards can’t equal the numbers of hearts that we’ve touched.”

Tapsee’s  Baby co-star Akshay Kumar has also been ignored for the awards .

To this Tapsee responds nonchalantly, “I don’t want to think about awards and waste my time . I am busy working hard so that my films become successful. This is more important to me than these awards. I am sure Akshay Sir feels the same way.”


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