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Tabu Won’t Shoot Until Covid Scare Is Over



If  Kartik  Aryan  has  extra time on  hand it is because  Anees Bazmi’s Bhool Bhulaiya2 has been put on  hold indefinitely. No, that’s not the  director Anees playing it safe on  behalf of his entire team. It’s one of the film’s leading ladies Tabu who has refused to shoot until the pandemic is  over.

A  source very close  to the  project told me, “A major schedule  of  Bhool Bhulaiya2 in Jaipur was shut down  in March 2020 , and the unit had to disperse hastily amidst the pandemic scare.  After  the  lockdown  ended, director Anees Bazmi  informed  the  cast and crew that  the  shooting would  resume. But Tabu, who plays a major part  in  the film, refused to return, arguing that she was  not feeling secure or safe  shooting while the pandemic prevailed. The  producers were  left  with no choice but to  postpone shooting indefinitely.”

 It’s good to see that Tabu’s wishes are respected.And that she has not been replaced by another actress. Just goes  to prove, Tabu is  irreplaceable.

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