Taimur’s Media Exposure To Be Curbed

With grandmother Sharmila Tagore coming out strongly against little Taimur being hounded by the paparazzi, Taimur’s parents Saif Ali Khan and Kareena have taken a conscious decision to curtail Taimur’s media exposure.

Says a close family friend, “Taimur is becoming such a poseur it is worrying his parents. The minute he sees a photographs he starts to pout and pose. This constant attention is worrying Saif and Kareena. So far they’ve allowed the paparazzi’s invasive presence simply because they didn’t want to cause any offence to the media.”

It was concerned grandma Sharmila Tagore’s public rebuke that helped the couple make up their mind.

“Saif and Kareena will ensure Taimur is in a place where he has his privacy.His parents are already discussing a boardingschool for Taimur in the future because that’s how Saif and his sister Soha were brought up.And Saif’s children from his first marriage also attended a boarding school in England. It would be no different for Taimur,” says a family friend .

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