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Tanushree Dutta, 2018’s MeToo Whistleblower,Speaks On Working With The Same Predators She Had Called Out.



You are  returning to Bollywood. Would you work with  a MeToo accused?

I already have turned down one film last year in November the moment I heard the director’s name It had come in MeToo.The top-tier producers were even willing to work around my India- USA stay itenary and work with my intercontinental life schedule .But I politely excused myself giving them the genuine reason.Ofcourse the project never took off eventually but the producers respected my desicion and told me that they will come back with a different film next year if I’m up and ready for it.

Are  you looking at any any particular project?

 I had got several work offers last year from the moment I landed in India.But at that  time I was just closed to the idea of working again . Now I will soon  decide which project  to do.I will be the first of my kind …a whistleblower who resurrects her career amongst the people she is calling  out for  sexual misconduct! But I like challenges and believe in miracles so why not ask and see if I receive.

Isn’t it  very  ironical that  you  should return to work  with the same  sharks you pulled  up last year?

Not just ironical…the sheer improbability of it..given that I don’t just want to resurrect my career but work with the best in town. Lord help me!! I’m a hopeless optimistic. These were the people who turned away from me when I was painted as this trouble maker.

What  if  the  really  big  guns shy away?

One thing  is for sure.I’m not doing any mediocre work anymore.I’m striving for excellence in all aspects of my life.Excellence in acting,modelling,social activism,spiritual practise,health and fitness and personal relationships.Even if I do an item song I will so something out of this world I swear on God!!No more mediocrity whatsoever!!

You  haven’t told me  which  projects  you are  considering?

Like I said , I’m looking at meeting people who have a vision and an eye for excellence and a heart for recognizing my value.I have a blessing over my life from birth which means anything I touch turns to gold.That’s the reason even some of my mediocre movies , when I  was working ten years ago, were a huge success ringing in cash registers.It was ok for that time but I’m more mature now with a plethora of life experiences behind me.

What are you looking for in your second innings?

Something I can bring to the screen convincingly and a natural attractiveness and appeal that just never fades.I have too much to offer in terms of talent,screen presence and good luck charm.But I’m wiser now , so I want to only collaborate with people who appreciate,respect and reimburse me appropriately for it.I’m done throwing away my blessings for unworthy people.

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