Tanushree Dutta: Bigg Boss & Me? Are You Joking?

There are loud whispers afloat in the entertainment industry that Tanushree Dutta, pioneer of the MeToo movement in India, would be entering the Bigg Boss house .

But Tanushree completely debunks the rumour, saying , “Are you serious?? Bigg Boss?? Come on now…Surely my aspirations are different now, when I seem to have triggered off a long-due movement against harassment in work places.”

How does it feel to be called the pioneer of the MeToo movement in India ?

Says Tanushree, “It’s surreal to actually see things shake up.And not just support on paper and lip service..People coming forward with zeal and passion and purpose and knocking out old outdated opinion.I wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams that this would happen when I took that flight from New Jersey to Mumbai to spend time in my country.”

How does she react to the opinion that she is doing this for publicity? “Oh really? Did I orchestrate this amazing movement in our country? Wow! Let the nasty tongues wag. I am happy to be a part of something so staggeringly revolutionary.”

Supporters of Nana Patekar say he does an enormous amount of charitable work. Tanushree laughs off these claims as mere publicity.

“What charity work? All this philanthropy is naam ke vaaste. Celebrities from the entertainment business lend their names to charitable works , and do nothing else. I actually work with cancer patients. But I don’t talk about it. Besides, how does philanthropy exempt an individual from charges of misconduct?

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