Tanushree Dutta On Why She Spoke Out Against Alok Nath’s Casting In A Devgan Starrer

Tanushree Dutta is back in  Los Angeles where she lives.  But she continues to make  her presence felt  in  the Mumbai film industry with her strong protests against employing those who are accused  of sexual harassment.

 Her latest  salvo was  aimed at  Ajay Devgan  for being an empowered actor  who has chosen to work with a MeToo accusedAlok Nath in the upcoming romcom De De Pyar De.

Tanushree’s open letter on the issues has  hit a raw nerve .

Speaking  from LA  Tanushree  says, “I’m glad my sentiments are being echoed and mirrored by the public.It was needed.Nobody in Bollywood or for that matter in the public space , was saying anything publicly and condemning this distasteful and tone-deaf supposed  casting coup.So as usual I chose to stick my neck out and do what felt right to me as soon as I came to know about it.”
 Without naming Devgan  ,Tanushree wonders why Bollwood’s denizens don’t take  a stand against  those  accused of  sexual harassment. “I just don’t understand why powerful and successful actors,actresses,producer and directors and other influential figures of Bollywood cow down so miserably and don’t take a stand when it’s needed.Why is something that clearly feels wrong and is wrong and can easily be corrected ,allowed to pass with deafening silence??”

Is  it a collective cowardice? Tanushree  seems to think so. “Not one tweet or statement from anyone in Bollywood ?? Or politics?? Or religion?? or anyone?? Why the conscience of the entire fraternity and the country at-large barring some Twitter users is so dead that there is no rightful anger or  objection?I’m not loosing my head or sleep over it.I’m just raising an objection…Anyone with a conscience can.”

Tanushree makes a crucial point here stating that we are  targeting  the  wrong enemy by ostracizing Pakisani artistes.  “Instead of banning innocent foreign artists from working who have nothing to do with the war going on and hating each other in the name of religion and nationality  maybe it’s time to deal with the infidels of the spirit within your borders,the Godless of the soul and the blind of compassion! Can’t you see that the biggest battle is happening within your own country and  not across the border, and that there’s a bigger problem simmering in your backyard,that of womens safety and major lack of respect and empathy towards victims and survivors as is evident in this case?”

  She feels  the Hindi film industry  has an example to set. “If Bollywood, who the entire nation copies with their clothes,hairstyle and mannerisms adopts this kind of nonchalant and irresponsible attitude what kind of example is being set for the rest of the nation?? With great power comes great responsibility.I have understood this so I’m doing what’s needed in this hour.When will the elite of Bollywood get it?? This is why they say that material progress without spiritual progress creates Robotic  humans incapable of empathy, connection and  sense of personal responsibility.”

She feels the  silent  acquiescence  to malaise  of  harassment  may cost Bollywood  dearly. “I have an intuition that the makers are still far from remorse and are looking at this backlash as simply unsolicited publicity.But I feel the public will reject this film.I dunno, I just have a gut feeling it will not work out for them somehow.Maybe now it seems  to work for them.But life has a way of getting everyone to their knees eventually.Some earlier and some later than others.”

 Tanushree says she chose early in her career to demarcate her  line of morality and to walk on the correct  side of  the line. “My songs all became hits and I did so many shows and minted money that not once did I regret making that decision to say No.”

She may  write  a motivational  book for young aspirants in Bollywood. “Maybe someday.I think there’s a major lack of a correct belief system.Erroneous thought patterns,old and outdated strategies and a completely rudderless existence is what you call Bollywood.”

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