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Tanushree Dutta Reacts To Sajid Khan In  Bigg Boss



Tanushree Dutta with Sajid Khan

Like many  who were horrified  to see the MeToo accused Sajid Khan being welcomed into  Bigg Boss with  Salman  Khan’s blessings, actress Tanushree  Dutta who heralded the MeToo movement in  Bollywood,   has also been deeply affected  by this shocking turn  of events.

Speaking  exclusively Tanushree says, “I’m appalled . Speechless at the sheer irresponsibility towards the impact of such a thing on the public. I don’t watch Bigg Boss and I think I never will after this.”

To Tanushree goes the credit for bringing the  MeToo movement  into Bollywood. In 2018 she accused  actor Nana Patekar and several others  of harassment.

Speaking in   an earlier interview Tanushree had said, “It’s been very hard on me emotionally, psychologically and financially these 12 years  after the mob violence on  the sets  of Horn OK Please  in 2008 instigated by Nana Patekar and his goons.I had gone into severe depression post that episode for many years because the level of cunning manipulation, public humiliation and threats I had to endure was too much for me.”

Tanushee says she has  got no support in her fight against  sexual discrimination  from the film fraternity. Instead of getting justice and being  rehabilitated into work in Bollywood, her  primary source of income, she has been further been pushed and forced into legal procedures.

Speaking on the impact of  the MeToo movement  in India ,Tanushree said,  “What I’m most concerned about is what impact might it have on women, girls and boys of the next generation who are being taught about feminism, human rights and empowerment?? I mean you can’t blow the trumpet on empowerment and then have a corrupt and outdated legal system bind you with loopholes.”

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