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“Television Adaptation Of Bahubali Will Be Like Game Of Thrones,” Reveals Writer

Bahubali, the record-breaking Telugu costume drama is all set for a television adaptation. And doing the needful is K V Vijayendra Prasad the  writer of Baahubali and its forthcoming sequel,

Shedding light  on the serial Vijayendra Prasad says, “It will be like The Game Of Thrones in  scale and duration.It  will be done in a seasonal format. We’ll go on air for a  few months and then go off for a some months .Then return again.”

Vijayendra will now get completely engrossed in the writing the serial.  “I’ve completed my work on both the segments of Baahubali. The serial will require much more time , as the characters  have to be more elaborately fleshed out and the plot must be expanded according to the adapted format.”


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