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Television Star Karanvir Bohra Reaches Out To Lonely People During Lockdown



Television Star Karanvir Bohra Reaches Out To Lonely People During Lockdown 12

Karanvir Bohra and his wife Teejay Sidhu have  their hands  full at home with their demanding twins.

Says Karanvir, “Staying at home during this lockdown has been quite interesting.I am  spending time with myself with my family with my two daughters. It’s  a beautiful feeling really, just staying homebound, you know I  love the time that I have with  my wife my kids.”

It’s not all play  and no work for Karanvir. “I am spending a lot of time creating content online. Because I believe a lot of people like me want to know what   everybody is doing and everybody is basically online and it’s just a nice timepass for people to watch what we’re doing. So I create a lot of funny videos , funny but  not irresponsible videos. I started a live session : 21 Questions with KV on the first day of lockdown. So one question  from me  for  each day  of  the  lockdown.”

In addition  Karanvir spends  time chatting with his friends  from the television  industry,so it’s lots  of fun. “Yes, when will we again have so much time to catch  up with friends? And yes, there is  a lot of introspection . I get up early when everybody is sleeping, I just think of all the things I need to do. Once this lockdown gets over I  have set goals  for myself.It has opened up a different thought process about what’s there in the future what’s going to happen.”

What  is Karanvir’s  biggest  lesson  from the lockdown?  “It’s not wise to live for today we have to have  things planned out for a rainy day as they always say you never know when the rains happen.”

Karanvir is  not shooting  on  the  sets. But he is creating his own  content at  home.  “You know being  an actor you create . I mean you have the responsibility to create content. You don’t have to but you  enjoy it.  I make a lot of Tiktok ,  Instagram videos  go live  with them, make videos of my time with   kids.Then   a lot of  collaborations happening with a lot of Brands. So working from home is fun.”

 Karanvir  has made sure to  eat and exercise well during the  lockdown.  “Working out from home is  honestly not easy. But I still do it every day because I know the amount I am eating.So I know this needsto burn because after nearly four weeks of  lockdown, I just posted a picture today. My love handles are increasing,  so I know I need to put in double the effort  than anybody else. So yes, I do work-out from home every day.But I can’t stop eating.”

  During this period  of prolonged  isolation Karanvir is also reaching  out to strangers  who are  all alone.  “I go live on Instagram  every day  for  an hour. We are very lucky that we have family staying with us.But there are a lot of people  who are alone and by themselves and isolation can get really  frightening. They can get really bogged down. So I try to spend time with them chatting  any topic.”

 Karanvir’s suggestion on  coping with  the  crisis?  “Keep your mind active, you know do something,  take up a skill any kind of    reading whether it’s like online you have the web with you.You  can’t  crib, ‘Mere paas toh kuchh bhi nahi hai main kya karoon?’  You have your  virtual connection  with you right now.You’re connected  online .Pick up a course online. If not that then just read.See something online.Or you could be singing, riaaz  karo.If you play  a  musical  instrument pick that up and   create some videos.Learn digital marketing….whatever you want, but just keep your mind active.Stay  positive. Om Namah Shivay.”

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