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Telugu Star Sundeep Kishan On  Life In Lockdown



Sundeep  Kishan,  the  affable actor from Next Enti, Tenali Ramakrishna BA BL brought  in  his birthday  on 7 May  in  quarantine.

“It  was  like any other day.I tried to  think of all the things I’d like to do  when the lockdown ends,and I couldn’t come up with  a better  option than staying at home with  my family,” says Sundeep .

 He  is  trying  his  best   to maintain  a disciplined  life indoors. “I am not eating more than  I  usually do.I am not stuffing myself just because I’m home. But yeah, my sleep pattern has gone haywire. But that’s okay. Even  otherwise  when  I am shooting I don’t get regular hours of sleep. Between travelling and shooting sleeping hours  go for a toss anyway.”

Sundeep  admits he has been getting restless  of late. “Honestly  during the last week  all of us are getting somewhat restless. I mean , on  one  end  there  is the  faith and belief  that the lockdown will soon end. On other hand there’s that lurking dread  that it may not end  that soon. What then?”

  Sundeep  feels the same urge to  restore his  normal life as  everyone else.  “We all need  to go back to work. We all have unfinished business waiting  to be taken care of . It’s a tricky situation, I know. Also  as human beings we cannot live the same life  on repeat  every day. We’ve to have something  to look forward  to . Somewhere we  need to move on with our  lives.”

Sundeep’s advice  to his followers and fans? “Be patient for a while longer. Do not lose hope, We will win this war. It may take  six weeks or  six  months. But we will.”

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