The Akshay-Bhushan Kumar Patch Up


In showbusiness no equations are  unchangeable. Yesterdays foe is todays best friend. So  to no one surpriseAkshay Kumar and T Series head honcho  Bhushan Kumar  have    put aside their differences and decided to work together again.

 The  problem between the two escalated when Akshay Kumar  backed  out of his commitment  to  play BhushanKumars late father, the music baron Gulshan Kumar. While officially it leaked out  that Bhushan  and Akshaycouldnt agree   on the price and dates, the real truth about their decision to  not work together is something else. Apparently when Akshay found  out about the controversial aspects of  Gulshan Kumars life story,  he decided  to  step aside.

 The  Gulshan Kumar  project has now gone to Aamir Khan who would be co-producing the film with Bhusha. The wounded son Bhushan was left fuming against  Akshay . But it seems theyve decided to let sleeping dogs lie.

A source close to  the development says, Bhushanji met Akshay Kumar. Theyve decided to work together on  a project , probably a  bio-pic.

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