The Akshay Kumar-Farah Khan Patchup

They had a massive fall-out during the making of Tees Maar Khan the film that Farah Khan directed after she had a… well, massive fall-out, with her buddy and collaborator Shah Rukh Khan.

In fact, Tees Maar Khan was written with Shah Rukh Khan in mind (Tees Maar KHAN, get it?).

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As fate would have it Farah made the film with Akshay Kumar and delivered a rare dud in Kumar’s illustrious career.

Both Farah and Akshay swore never to work together again. But then as they say, there are no permanent friendships and enmities in the entertainment industry. We now hear of Farah’s big patch-up with Akshay for a song and dance that she will choreograph in Housefull 4, the laughathon that Farah’s brother Sajid is directing.

A source close to the development says, “It was Farah’s brother Sajid Khan who is directing House Full 4 who brought about the patch-up between his sister and Akshay.”

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Ironically Sajid Khan himself had a fall-out with the House Full producer Sajid Nadiadwala, and Khan was sacked from directing House Full 3. But all seems hunky-dory with the new edition of the franchise.

House Full indeed.

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