The Best Of Dharmendra & Sharmila Tagore


Two of Hindi cinemas most enduring and endearing star-actors celebrate their birthday on December 8 .While he-manDharmendraturns a ripe 80, the very beautifulSharmilaTagore is now 71! The two made an interesting and veryfuitfulpair, specially in the films that they did together forHrishikeshMukherjee. ButGaramDharamand SeductiveSharmiladid other interesting works together too.

Listing the best ofDharmendra-Sharmila.

  1. Anupama(1966): This was the first timeHrishikeshMukherjeebrought this very compatible and captivating pair together.SharmilaplayedUma, a repressed girl who hardly spoke.Dharmendralooking dapper in a dhoti , was a poet and a writer who tried to bring the shy withdrawnUmaout of her shell.Thirperformances so complemented one another thatHrishidawent on record to state this was his favourite star pair. A lot of us agree.Memorable for its melodies composed byHemantKumarspecially LatajisDheeredheeremachalaedil-e-beqaraarand Kuchdilnekahaand HemantdasYadilkisunoduniyawalon.
  2. Devar(1966): In the same year asAnupamacame another powerful drama based onBanglaliterature, this one directed byMohanSegal. LikeAnupama,Devartoo was about repressed unspoken love.Dharmendraplayed Shramilas bother-in-law silently in love withShramilawatching her suffer in a bad marriage.A film way head of its times made memorable by composer Roshans melodiesBaharonnemerachamanlutkarandGuzrazamanabachpankasung byMukesh.
  3. Satyakam(1969): Regarded by most as HrishikeshMukherjees best film and by far Dharmendras most accomplished performance.AsSatyapriyawhose idealism destroys him and his family Dharmendras naturalistic performance has withstood all ravages of time.Sharmilaas his supportive wife was the perfect foil.
  4. Yakeen(1969): During the same year as the imperishable classicSatyakam,DharmendraandSharmilawere seen together in this kitschy espionage thriller directed byBrijSadanahmost memorable for the title song were the hotblooded hero chasedSharmilawho sported anitsybitsyhot pants which made male eyes pop and trousers bulge . Put her in aghagra-cholior a skimpy little western outfitSharmilawas game for any role.
  5. MereHumdamMere Dost(1968): A completely kitschy claptrap whereDharmendraandSharmilalooked smashing together.Laxkimant-Pyarelals songs went a long way into making this trashy film a blockbuster.Dharmendrasang Rafi SaabsHui shamunkakhayaalaagayaandChalkayejamaapkehothonkenaam. She sang LatajisChalosajnajahantakghatchaleand Tumjaokahin.
  6. ChupkeChupke(1975): In the 1970sShramilagot busy doing films withRajeshKhanna. But she reunited withDharmendraone more time for their beloved directorHrishikeshMukherjees comedy which has over the years acquired cult status.
  7. EkMahalHoSapnonKa(1975): A love triangle featuringDharmendrawithSharmilaand LeenaChandravarkar. The most forgettable film from theDharam-Sharmilaoeuvre.
  8. Sunny(1984): The beautiful pair came together one more time for Dharmendras home production whereSharmilaplayed his mistress . He dies at the beginning of the film leaving behind the two women in his lifeSharmilaandWaheedaRehmanto fight it out.
  9. Chaitali: Technically speakingDharmendraandSharmiladid one other film together.The filmChaitaliwas to be directed by the greatBimalRoy who passed away. Bimaldas assistantHrishikeshMukherjeetook over. The film was launched with Hrishidas favourite pairDharmendraandSharmilabut finally got made withSairaBaureplacingSharmila.
  10. Devdas:Gulzarlaunched his own version ofSaratchandraclassic withDharmendra,SharmilaandHemaMalinicast asDevdas,ParoandChandramukhi. Tragically the project went no further than themahurat. If this version ofDevdashad happened no doubtDharmendraandSharmilawould have given a new lease of life to Saratchandras doomed lovers.

Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore Turn A Year Older …Chupke Chupke

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