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The Bhatts Finally Take Retaliatory Steps



The Bhatts Finally Take Retaliatory Steps 10

 The   1-crore defamation  suit against the lady named  Luviena Lodh who accused Mahesh Bhatt of being “the don of Bollywood”whose  “nephew” her former husband, allegedly  supplied drugs  and girls to   the movie industry, is  the  first major step towards  redress taken by  a movie-industry stalwart whose name has  allegedly been used for self-advancement.

 Sources say this  kind of unsubtle  blackmail won’t work any more.

“Bhatt Saab   has kept  mum through an avalanche of  unsavoury accusations. It’s time to take  the  defamatory  brigade to task,” a source very  close to Mahesh Bhatt tells me, adding that the  defamation  suit against Ms Lodh will be  seen to its  “logical closure”

Coming  up  next is a huge  defamation  suit  against  the  starlet who accused  Anurag Kashyap of sexual misconduct.

“She now stands completely  exposed. She  doesn’t have a shred  of evidence  to support  her  allegations. It’s  all hearsay. It’s time to  get down to  hard facts,” a friend  of Kashyap tells me.

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