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The Big B Explains Why He Wrote The Open Letter To  His Grand Daughters

The Big B Amitabh Bachchan penned a heartwarming letter to his grand-daughters on Teachers Day explaining to them why they must lead their lives as they wish and not bother with societal disapproval.

The letter has come into some amount of disapproval from a section of the media which feels the letter is part of the publicity for the Big B’s new release Pink.

But the Big B is characteristically clear-headed on the issue. “What has been expressed in that letter has been within me from time. I have had such thoughts and beliefs always and have followed them in my environ and in my family. Working on Pink put me in direct touch with those emotions.”

The Big B doesn’t deny  the fact that the letter is inspired by the situations and circumstances in Pink. “In many ways the essence of the letter is what purports to be the essence of the concept of Pink. I have not spoken a single dialogue in Pink that does not have my belief in it. If I were not to be working in the film I would still have had no hesitation in publicly saying what I have said in the film. So, yes it was an emotional experience and moved by such, I felt like putting those words out.”


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