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The Curious Case Of Vijay Deverakonda’s ‘Mega’ Romance



 Who was  behind  Vijay Deverakonda’s link-up with Telugu-Tamil  actress Niharika Konidela,the   heiress of  AndhraPradesh’s ‘Mega Family’ her  father is the veteran  actor Nagendra Babu.  Her  uncles are  Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan and her cousin is Ramcharan Teja.

Nikarika  is known as  the’Mega Princess’ in Andhra. When  rumours of  “affair” and “impending marriage”  with  VijayDevarkonda started  the actor  was taken aback.

A  close  friend reveals,  “Sometimes  there is  smoke  without fire. But this was like a fire without any matchstick. Sometimes  popular actors are seen in  the company  of women and are  linked  to them  thereafter. BUT  VIJAY HAD  NEVER  MET NIHARIKA, not before the event  for Niharika’s  new film Surykantha  where Vijay showed up as  a respect to  Niharika’s family.”

Niharika’s father  had  recently  played Vijay’s father  in  his  hit film Geetha Govindam .

“And  Vijay has  a lot of respect  for  the Mega Family.  So  he  agreed  to  attend  her film’s  event.But did so as a brother,since her own  brother Varun Tej was  not  present at the event,” says  Vijay’s friend.

Curiously not a single prominent member  of Niharika’s family  was  there on her big day, not even her own  brother VarunTej.

As  for  the  linkup it sounds like  someone’s idea  of publicity for  Niharika’s film,  though  planting stories  of her “marriage” to a  star she had  never met seems  a but  excessive.

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