“The Don Franchise Belongs Only To Shah Rukh Khan”

Nowadays entertainment portals choose to start a fire without any smoke. So when the world woke up to the announcement that Ranveer Singh would replace Shah Rukh Khan in the Don franchise there was a startled jolt all across the industry. Most of those associated with the Franchise couldn’t stop laughing .Some who didn’t know better took the announcement seriously.

While Farhan Akhtar the architect of the Franchise refuses to comment a source very close to Farhan speaks up, “Where did this come from? Ranveer Singh taking over Don? It sounds like an over-enthusiastic publicity gambit. No one except Shah Rukh Khan will do Don 3, if and when it happens. He is the face and brand ambassador of the Franchise. Right now, Farhan doesn’t even have an idea for the plot in Don 3. People are jumping the gun in the hope that Farhan and Shah Rukh will react. Sorry,not happening.”

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