The Film industry Responds About The Losing Credibility of Popular Awards

After Manoj Bajpai’s Performance In Dipesh Jain’s Gali Guleiyan Went Missing From The Filmfare Nominations List , The Actor Tweeted About The Popular Awards Losing All Their Credibility.

Hansal Mehta: “How can TV shows that depend on TRPs for their survival be completely credible? Let them be.Given their need for TRPs they still make brave choices.And it’s okay Rajkummar Rao is not nominated for his performance in my film Omerta. Raj was terrific in Stree… Can’t compare two different films.

Dipesh Jain(director of Gali Guleiyan): “I feel they need to be more inclusive. It seems that time and again they lean towards popular commercial cinema overlooking films that have proven their mettle nationally and internationally. BO numbers can’t be a judge for cinematic excellence. Also, because we don’t get a fair shot at BO because of skewed distribution model. As far as these awards go, I fail to see how a film that was consistently highly rated by all critics (3.5-4 stars) doesn’t even get nominated in the critics category. It’s great to have a popular and a critics category but check out the nominations – the same film and actors have been nominated in popular and critics category. What’s the point of that?There should be real inclusion and not just a token. Last year there were other good films that could have been included in critics category if they didn’t include films from popular category.Also, even the few films that are in critics category they are all backed by studios.None from an independent producer.I’m not taking away from the quality of these films.They are great films.But something to think about that there’s no film from independent producer.Even if they are highly ranked by critics.

Ashoke Pandit: “Yes it’s true. The reasons.

  1. There are so many.
  2. They have turned into events.
  3. It has become a software for television where stars come and perform.
  4. There are So many incidences where the deserving actors are not given because they refused to perform which means if U perform U get an award.
  5. The Jury and the judges are normally the same.
  6. Mostly all the TV channels & film magazines have their own awards .

Renuka Shahane: “I agree with him….though the popular category in Filmfare & Screen have seen an improvement since last year….so I’m very hopeful that other awards will also follow this trend.”

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