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The Goan Disaster: Everything That Could Possibly Go Wrong



Everything  that could  possibly  go wrong  at   the  50th International Film Festival  Of  India(IFFI)  in Goa has gone wrong.

 The VIP invitees are  talking in hushed whispers about mismanagement.

Says a VIP source from Goa, “The films  being screened  sucked. The   arrangements were below  par and  there was  chaos everywhere.  Mr Bachchan’s  driver went missing and he  could be seen looking around helplessly. Many  of  the guests were not informed  or not fully informed  about the schedules.”

 The worst blow  was the official brochure  for the  Festival  bungled  up with Satyajit Ray’s picture and ended up putting Gulzar’s picture  as Ray.

These are not small mistakes. Jury  head Priyadarshan  admits  the Festival could be better organized.  “There were  too many loose ends.And  the films were  not uniformly meritorious. But nothing major  to complain about.”

However  Priyan admits it is unlikely he  would be back next  year.

Singer and parliamentarian Baabul Supriyo who was one of the Festival organizers  says, “Everyone tried their very best to make the Festival a success.But if there’s any criticism –and I   am talking about  the positive ones ,  not the ones with political overtone– in any area, we shall sure look into it  with utter sincerity and  respect.”

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