The Kapil Sharma Plot Thickens!

I’ve  always  liked Ali Asgar. I still do. I don’t know what  prompted  him to lie about meeting Kapil Sharma when no such  interaction between the two former colleagues ever happened.

The truth is, Kapil has not met anyone outside his immediate circle for  the  past month. Yes, he wants to spend time on his own.He allows only his  girlfriend Ginny whom he considers as  close to him as any wedded wife, to be by his side.

When we last spoke some time back Kapil said, “Abhi kissise milne ka jee nahin karta.”

This is  the message he sends across to anyone who wants to meet  him. And  considering how badly some of his dear friends have treated him, I don’t blame him. Many of those colleagues who  benfited from associating with Kapil have turned around and betrayed  his confidence.

Main  dil ka bahot saaf hoon. Jo dil mein aata  hai bol deta haoon. Isska log phayda utha rahen hain(I am clean-hearted. I speak whatever comes in my heart. People are  taking advantage  of this),” Kapil told me.There was  no bitterness in  his voice. Only hurt. At times he  got angry at  the  so-called friends who have fed the gossip press with tidbits  abou this life.

All through our 45-minute conversation Kapil sounded depressed  but never confused or disoriented.

These crocodile tears being shed about Kapil’s health are as bogus as the  wigs and bosoms that  Kapil’s colleague wore on the show that made them  household names.

One of Kapil closest friends says there is some kind of a campaign  to  prove Kapil is mentally unstable. “As far as I know, Ali Asgar never visited  Kapil. Kapil is not entertaining any  visitors. And he  certainly doesn’t have any woman’s name written on his hand foot or any other part  of  his anatomy.Why are  the  people who made so much name fame and money from Kapil’s show trying to prove he is unbalanced?  Kapil is depressed,yes.He admits. He also admits  to  having a  a drinking  problem. But let’s not get  into who are the people  who have got him into this condition.”

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