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The Karan Johar–Prabal Gurang Embarrassment



Is it really anyone’s business whom Karan Johar is seeing? Well no. But only if it is kept in the private space. As soon as international designer Prabal Gurang posted a picture of the two snuggling together with a caption that read ‘Pyar Kiya Toh Darna Kya’ (an ode to Gurang’s favourite actress Madhubala) the internet broke with post-speculative cheers about Karan finally “coming out”

The entire birthday hoax was just that: a planted joke. I don’t know why this designer did it. But it seems he wanted to let the world know that he knows whom Karan is seeing.

Everyone knows Karan Johar has a secret love tucked away in New York. He has been seeing this New Yorker for years, a janam-janam ka pyar. But it’s certainly not Gurang.A clothes designer from Nepal now living in NY, Gurang shot to international fame in no time at all. Among his many high-profile friends there is Karan Johar. They are close but they aren’t lovers.

A dear friend of Karan says he did not approve of Gurang’s enthusiastic picture. “It was a bit too much , almost as if this guy wanted the world to think there was something between them. Karan immediately reacted. Innuendos are the last thing he needs now when he has two little children at home to be answerable to. Karan wants to be a responsible father, not an irresponsible lothario.”

It is unlikely that you will see Gurang putting up another picture with Karan Johar. But Karan’s frequent trips to New York are unlikely to wear down.

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