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The Karan Johar-Saif Ali Khan Stand-Off In NY



It looks like the lately-concluded awards event in New York had more sparks flying behind the scenes than on stage.

While on stage Saif  Ali Khan, Karan Johar and Varun Dhawan ganged up to buddy-shame Kangana Ranaut, behind the scenes it is being whispered that all was not well between Karan and Saif.

Apparently the duo who  together hosted a major chunk of the awards function had “major issues” on their stage collaboration.

Says an actor who saw the events in NY unfold firsthand, “Initially Saif and Karan  got along very well. They had rehearsed their lines, skits and acts(including the Kangana rant which contrary to belief,was completely planned).And Saif who has always had issues about sharing screen space with his co-stars—he was very insecure about how he would look with Shah Rukh Khan in Karan  Johar/NikhilAdvani’s Kal Ho Na Ho—was very particular about their lines together on stage. He wanted their on-stage time to be equally divided with an equal number of jokes, punchlines,etc.”

Everything went smoothly during the rehearsals.There is an easy camaraderie that Saif and Karan have shared over the years because of Karan’s closeness to Kareena.

All of it evaporated when the duo went on stage for the actual event .Suddenly the dost host turned into dost hostile.

Says the source, “On stage Saif suddenly found Karan changing the lines, taking away all the punchlines and stealing all the thunder. Saiftook it in his stride for a while. But his resentment at being upstaged so cunningly couldn’t be concealed.”

Apparently Saif who is not very skilled at hiding his feelings, spoke to his friends from Bollywood about what happened with Karan on stage, and Saif’s grievances reached Karan’s ears.

The two host have returned to India as not the dost they once were.

Will this affect Karan’s equation with Kareena? Would he lose another buddy the way he lost Kajol?  Some years ago, Karan and Kareenahad stopped speaking to one another when they had differences over her remuneration .Since then Kareena has maintained that Karan is the son her mother never had.

Would  their equation change now?


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