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The Karan Johar-Sanjay Bhansali Rivalry Grows



The ‘Salman’ factor has added fuel to the growing acrimony between filmmakers Sanjay leela Bhansali and Karan Johar.

Johar has always nursed a chip on his frail shoulders about Bhansali’s epic style of filmmaking. Karan Johar’s forthcoming multi-starrer Kalank is said to be his answer to Bhansali’s style of filmmaking.

However a bigger cause for grievance for Johar is the fact that Salman Khan is back working with Bhansali.For years now, Karan has been trying to woo Salman to work in one of Karan’s Dharma Productions, offering him staggering amounts of money.Salman has never said an outright no. But he never said a yes, and secretly told his friends he would never work with Johar.

A few years ago Johar even tried to rope in Salman as producer-partner in a film Kesari featuring Akshay Kumar . But Salman opted out after agreeing to co-produce Kesari with Karan Johar and Akshay Kumar. Given the snub, Johar is certainly not happy about Salman mending his bridges with Bhansali while he(Johar) has clearly been told it’s a no-show.

It remains to be seen what masterstroke Karan Johar pulls off next to get even with his closest rival,

Nothing like a bit of malevolence to brighten our entertainment business.

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