The Kedarnath Trailer Is Dangerously Silly

So now we know why  the  tsunami-like floods  occurred  in Kedarnath  in 2013? You see a young Hindu girl who  looks  a lot like Sara Ali Khan fell in love with a  not-so-young Muslim boy  who bears an  uncanny resemblance to Sushant Singh Rajput . When her  parents raised hell and vowed  they wouldn’t  allow the match to happen(not the next IndoPak cricket  match but the one  between the Khan and Rajput) she vows,  “Then I will do jaap(holi chants) to make  surepralay(catastrophe) happens.”

That’s how the 2013’s fury of nature  pelted down on Uttarakhand.

Don’t look at me. That’s what the trailer of Abhishek Kapoor’s  Kedarnath tells us.If I was the father I’d  say what Saif Ali Khan is heard telling his daughter Sara on Koffee With Karan. “Does he have money? Then take her!”

This would spare  us the hysterical melodrama  of unlikely lovers  combating the world. Ho hum.

The sheer tackiness  of the  simulated natural  calamity  heightens  the sense  unnatural emotions in a trailer that  promises  a film bedecked  in absurdity. Sushant is a Muslim Pithu (carrier) and  debutante  Sara Ali Khan is a  Muslim tourist whom he carried  to the  top of the mountain.And there they  should remain.

This is no Jab Jab Phool Khile. Sushant lacks the natural  charm  of  Shashi Kapoor.  He labours over his cuteness and strains for drama. Debutante Sara Ali Khan is  fresh-faced and unspoilt, more her mom Amrita Singh than  dad Saif Ali Khan. Whether that  is good or bad is  up to you  to decide.

What are  the chances of  this alliance actually happening in real life?   Director Abhishek Kapoor is not keen  to tell a realistic story . He just wants to go with the flow. Never mind if the flow is a studio-created  tidal wave .

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