The Most Boring Episode  Of Koffee With Karan Ever

What can  we   say about  a  chat show where the most lively moment  occurred when  one  of  the star guests said he wanted to  pee. Host Karan Johar reminded  Varun Dhawan that his was a classy show.

“Why? Classy people don’t pee?” Varun shot back.

This was  the classiest exchange on  an episode that touched new levels of banality. Wait don’t  go away.I will  tell you  how.

One  of the rapidfire questions was  about which Varun preferred : good sex or a big hit.

“A  big hit is like  great sex,” Varun  shouted like a schoolboy who had just discovered  a  new sex toy in his teacher’s drawer.

Throughout  the  inane  babble  Varun played the brat. Katrina tried hard to look interested in ehat he  colleague on the couch  was  saying, laughed  at all his jokes and  tried to humour her host. But her  heart was clearly not in  it. And she just couldn’t cover up her supreme  indifference with some  adept acting.

When has she  ever?

Even when  Salman Khan  came on screen to offer  Varun gyan on how to behave with Katrina when they do that  film together, Katria’s giggles were as  undercooked as  the pancakes that she  loves  eating any  time of the day.

That’s one  of  the  big revelations  on the show. Ladies and gentleman, Katrina  Kaif loves pancakes.

But seriously, what was she thinking? I’ve known her. She  was certainly not so plastic in the past.Maybe pancakes are  not good for the intellect.

 I  wanted to see Katrina Kaif with Varun Dhawan  because I  was  sure she would be more comfortable with him than she  was  with Aamir Khan in her  big movie fiasco this week.

But I am  sorry  to say,  she was as plastic with Varun as she was with Aamir. So one thing we can safely say about this beautiful but vacuous actress(?) is  that  she doesn’t discriminate between co-stars.

Having said that  I no longer want  to watch the film that Varun will soon be doing with Katrina. If this is  the “chemistry” between them  then  heavens  help that  film. The two  were so  artificial on Karan’s couch(and off it) doing the bantering bit I felt sorry  for them.

And  I felt  really sorry  for myself for having  to sit and watch these two  glamorous actors  expose  how  intellectually  bankrupt they are. Every country gets  the  heroes  it deserves.  Do we  deserve this?

Show rating: * ½(one and a half stars)

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